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Is an Algerian consulting company specializing in consulting services and implementation of internal and external communication strategies, marketing strategy, visual identity, advertising, POS / Stands, Web and digital communication ...
Upstream, we work with companies on their market issues (global and / or targeted) in collaboration with their executives or their marketing department.
Downstream, we build for businesses their multichannel devices, in order to consolidate their growth.
The consumer is at the center of our business strategy. Solutions will be proposed to you to find a communication adapted to your company to build your digital strategy and to make sure that it meets all your objectives.
We will also help you to determine the platforms you need to communicate on: social networks, forums, blogs, etc.
Our digital strategy also aims to provide you with a social-media branch to broadcast the content, share its watch, converse with its customers and increase its reputation in order to increase your visibility with a targeted audience and generate more information. qualified traffic to your website.

Market and Competitive Intelligence: Watch your market for trends and see where your consumers are ... inspire yours or make it stand out. In addition, it allows you to find inspiration for content creation.

Take into account the growth of mobility: Since the use of mobile is important. We must register your digital marketing strategy in a logic of mobility, with a responsive site, publications adapted to these media and why not, a mobile application.

Our work
We also take care of the analysis of the consequences of your communication, to know the contents that work, to analyze the social networks which have the most impact and to constantly refine this strategy, by the prospection, the management of e-reputation, the valuation of services, consumer loyalty, to make the most of your presence on the Internet.

Is there a formal site for the site! :
We are working with every effort to provide a main office for Fpkdz to receive inquiries and complaints and the work of editors through it directly and we will put you the address immediately after the completion of the work of the headquarters of the site.