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the country of the blind  In less than 6 lines

the country of the blind  In less than 6 lines

the country of the blind  In less than 6 lines

the country of the blind  In less than 6 lines

In The Country of Blindness, the famous story of Herbert George  [learn More] Wells, the hero fell into the valley of everyone who lives blindly, no one knew sight or knew what it meant to see. The poor tried to describe their presence around them. They were not convinced, but the wise men of the valley decided to uproot the eye that caused them these distortions in their opinion.
Of course, Wales is influenced by the story of Plato's famous cave, or so I see, but the model of people presented by a very famous model of people is very confident in what she says, without shaking her certainty, for one reason, being blind.
There is a famous story about Galileo that when he discovered the four Great Jupiter moons, some people did not believe in their existence because they were not mentioned in the Bible, and when Galileo called them to look at the telescope to make sure they refused themselves so as not to shake their faith.
The second model [learn More] of people, not only blind, but blind and knowing in themselves that they are blind, and refuse to see because their eyes will result in a destabilization of their belief that they have been familiar with and familiar with them, and refuse to exhaust their minds in the interpretation of more sensory inputs from the eye.

When we are confident of the degree of certainty, why do not we think that we may be blind no more ... Blinds in a large valley Everyone inhabits blindness, and we gain from their blind existence more confidence that we are in blindness ?! Why?

For the confident degree of certainty

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