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mindest off thé millionaire in 17 points

                                           mindest off thé millionaire in 17 points
mindest off thé millionaire in 17 points


Summary of the book "Secrets of the Mind of the Illinois" by Harvey Ecker. It will also explain to us the role of the book in improving your mind, eliminating the mentality of the poor and gaining the mentality of the investors.
The Book of Secrets of the Mind of Millionaire is one of the bestsellers in the world.

The 17 points:
 The rich focus on opportunities and focus on the obstacles. Here the writer focuses on the concept of controlling yourself to the channel of capturing opportunities as well as controlling the radio channel. The sixth point: the rich approve the rich and the successful, but the poor do not curse and hate the rich, then you read the biography of the rich and try to imitate them and do not curse or hate people who wish with all your heart to be like them how your mind to respond. The seventh point: the rich accompany the positive people and do not accompany the passive, how many times you came up with an idea and felt that it is genius and when presented to those around you frustrated and after a period you see realized and thrive and say, I wish I did, if I stay away from the negative now. Eighth point: The rich are proving themselves and raising their values, as to how they can be through public relations or being in the right place at the right time. Ninth point: The rich are bigger than their problems. The rich do not make their problems obstacles that delay them. For example, if I had mastered the English language, I would have gotten the job. The millionaire's mentality says: "I will learn English now so that I can achieve what I want." Point 10: The rich are good platforms. When you are a good listener, you will certainly understand well. There is a saying that says: "The lowest voice is the lowest word."

Eleventh: The rich choose to evaluate their work based on the results and do not do so based on the time they spent. The rich love to participate in the profits even if they do not show them at first because they know their ability to achieve and they want only the value of the time they spent At work or hired for it. Point 12: The rich think of the mentality of any winner or as Stephen Covey calls it in his book The Seven Habits of the Most Successful People (Profit - Profit). Point 13: The rich focus on increasing wealth and poverty. They focus on getting the rewards of their work. Point Four: The rich manage their money to increase profits well and they focus on managing their expenses.
Point Fifteen: The wealth of the rich works for them and they do not work for the money. Point Sixteen: The rich overcome their fears and poverty makes fear overcome them. Point 17: The rich learn constantly and do not think they know. More books 

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