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Look : Application for parents to control boys improve track view

Application for parents to control boys improve track view 

Application for parents to control boys improve track view

No doubt you have thought a lot about how you would behave if your phone was stolen? Or maybe you're in charge of a family, and you want to be sure of your children permanently and watch their phone or iPhone or Android or spy on the camera, especially in case of risk. The more often we have been exposed to situations such as leaving your phone in silent mode, then forget where you put the phone in it so it would be useless to call your phone.

Today, you can handle all of these things by using the wonderful track view software to spy on your camera, boys and the phone as a whole. The application is compatible with Android, iPhone, iOS and the computer too. In today's topic, you can download and explain Traceview program for spy camera and monitor phone on Android and iPhone and computer Free.

Basic Information About track view:

The primary purpose of the program is to protect the application phone from speed by opening the camera of the phone and seeing the surrounding area.

It goes on to say that you can open the mike and listen to conversations about the phone, and then you can pinpoint the exact location and many of the features that we will reveal in this article.

The total number of downloads from the Google Play Store is over one million.

Features of track view:

The program can be run on all mobile networks 2G, 3G, 4G as well as running on Wi-Fi networks.
It can be used to monitor companies and homes, without the need for expensive surveillance cameras or wires, saving you a lot of money.
It can be used to track car movements, keep them from theft, or find their place in case of theft.
Determine where your phone is located accurately, by knowing the location antennas very accurately.
The application will not notice who holds the phone, because the application works in the background without a note of holding it.
You can make the application sound, if the phone is silent, while you are searching for your phone.

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