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extra new iphone xs max ultime

extra new iPhone xs max ultime

extra new iphone xs max ultime

Apple has officially announced its new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XMax, along with two other new phones, the iPhone Xs and Yvonne Xr, during a special event at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Park headquarters in California.

The iPhone Xs Max iPhone XS Max comes with the largest display of Apple's iPhone, with a 6.5-inch screen, in a major development for the company, which for years has been insisting that the phones are not compatible with a large screen for use with one-handed use.

Apple's new iPhone Xs Max is equipped with a more powerful processor compared to the previous version of iPhone X. It also improved the camera and added many new features, as well as improved speaker sound and Face ID feature. The iPhone Xs Max iPhone XS Max 90 minutes of usage compared with iPhone X.

The iPhone Xs Max comes with the same iPhone X design

The iPhone Xs Max iPhone XS Max carries the same design as the iPhone X and the Yvon Xs. It is designed with a glass background and a stainless steel frame with support for IP68 water resistance. The phone can stay within 2 meters of water for 30 minutes without damage The new phone supports the Face ID feature, which Apple said has improved and is faster and safer, with no fingerprint sensor or any button on the front, with the 3.5mm conventional headphone no longer present. 7.7 millimeters in the same thinner Yvonne Xs, comes with a heavier weight of 208 grams.

iPhone Xs Max iPhone
The iPhone Xs Max has a 6.5-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels at 458 pixels/inch, the screen that occupies most of the front with a very small edge at the bottom of the screen and a "notch" Front camera and fingerprint technology. The screen supports 3D Touch, which offers different options for the user depending on the power of the screen pressure, as well as True Tone support, which relies on the ambient light sensor to adjust the white balance so that the images on the screen are normal to reduce eye strain.

extra new iphone xs max ultime

iPhone Xs Max is equipped with the new Apple A12 Bionic processor

Apple's new smartphone, the iPhone Xs Max, is working on a new dual-core A12 Bionic processor, the first 7-nanometer factory on a smartphone (such as the Kirin 980 that Huawei has announced but has yet to offer on any phone), which Apple says is equipped with a new generation of Its chip is designed to handle artificial intelligence applications, which rely on real-time automated learning to provide a better experience in image display, play and enhanced reality applications.

The new A12 Bionic delivers a 15% faster performance compared to the iPhone X processor, and 4 cores consume 50% less power than the previous Apple processor, which says the new iPhone XSMM graphics processor delivers up to 50% faster performance. Image processing compared to the Bionic A11 processor in iPhone X.

The iPhone XS Max battery offers 90 minutes more use

Apple said that the iPhone Xs Max iPhone XS Max battery provides the user 90 minutes of use compared to the previous version of iPhone X, with the support of wireless charging and fast charging, but the user will need to buy a fast charger to take advantage of the feature, Fast with phone.

extra new iphone xs max ultime

IPhone Xs Max Camera

The iPhone Xs Max has a 12 megapixel camera with a f / 1.8 lens and f / 2.4 lens with support for the optical stabilization feature in both cameras, plus a flash and support for 2x optical zoom, the same as the two cameras in the iPhone X, but Apple says that the sensor The camera in the iPhone XS Max is twice as fast as the iPhone X, and the size of the pixels is larger, which provides better images in low-light.

Apple has added a number of new features, including a new feature called Smart HDR, which says it provides more details in pictures, improved portraiture, and added depth control or background blur.

The iPhone Xs Max also carries the same front camera in the iPhone X 7 megapixels with a 2.2 "lens slot, but Apple says it is faster to recognize and track faces (an important feature of enhanced reality games and applications). The front camera also supports Depth Control to control the background blur In portrait images, as well as support for the new Memoji feature that allows users to express what they want through graphics, as well as support for Portrait Lighting, which emulates studio lighting through many lighting effects.

The iPhone XS iPhone XS is the new version of iOS 12, which offers a large number of features, notably Siri Shortcuts and support for video calls in the company TimeTime, as well as tools to reduce the use of iPhone and improve alerts, along with a large number of other features .

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