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9 unexpected traits of intelligence

 9 unexpected traits of intelligence

 9 unexpected traits off intelligence

Concern for the future, and vigil until late at night, anarchism, these characteristics may not carry a positive character but indicate a higher level of intelligence according to research.

Experts have revealed 10 surprising features that show a higher level of intelligence in some people than others:

1 - Use of the left hand (left)

A study found that there is an important link between people using their left hand and their ability to perform arithmetical tasks, but it depends on age and gender.

Psychologists from the University of Liverpool and the University of Milan conducted a study of 2,300 students in Italy, aged between 6 and 17 years. The researchers asked the participants to complete a number of mathematical tasks, including simple math and solving mathematical problems.
The results of the study found that there was a clear link between the use of the left hand and sports skills. Giovanni Sala, who led the study, said: [Difficult people were able to solve various mathematical issues better, as was age, task type, and gender].

2 - Anarchism

Some managers may be keen to clean their offices and monotonous, but their productivity does not seem to be going well.

Researchers from the University of Groningen conducted a 2012 study that showed that an anarchist was intelligent and creative. In a series of related studies, the researchers found that people with chaotic offices have a greater ability to focus, think new and achieve better work efficiency.
It should be noted that the inventor Albert Einstein and the famous writer Rold Dahl know that they are chaotic in general.

3 - exaggeration in the two alliances

A study conducted in 2014 found that people who swear or swear to the right are very intelligent and cultured. So bad words and phrases do not mean that the speaker is lazy or uneducated.

The researchers said there was a false and common assumption among people about judging those who are often sworn to be lazy, lacking education, or unable to control themselves.

4. Ability to laugh at others

Dr. Gilles Greengross, a psychiatrist at Aberystwyth University, said there was a strong relationship between humor and intelligence in general.

A study published in 2010 found that the ability to laugh at people reveals creative features and high intelligence, where fun people have the skill to deliver humor correctly, making it really funny.

5 - Stay until late at night

A study published in 2009 suggests that people who stay late at night are smarter than those who sleep early.

Other studies have found that night vigilance stimulates the mind and gives people greater ability to come up with new and constructive ideas, and those who do not sleep early tend to be high net, worth individuals.
6. Persistent concern

A study published last year shows that people who are always anxious are characterized by sharp intelligence.

The study found that serious anxiety by thinking about potential negative events in the future or reviewing past negative actions over and over again indicates high verbal intelligence.

At the same time, the researchers said that often worrying about recent social attitudes, as well as thinking about being embarrassing or not, indicates a somewhat low level of verbal intelligence.

7. Enjoy simplicity

There is the so-called Dunning-Cougar effect, which indicates the tendency of unqualified people to over-estimate their skills because of their inability to compete and suffer from an illusion of superiority. Researchers say smart people have great confidence that they do not remember how efficient they are, as opposed to ordinary people.

8 - raising cats

A study conducted in 2014 showed that people who breed cats are smarter than dog owners, regardless of their intelligence level.
The search revealed that breeders and cats alike enjoyed different personalities. Cat lovers are more sensitive and open to dog lovers who are more active.

9. The eldest son

Research has found that older siblings have higher intelligence rates than younger siblings in general. The researchers said the cause may not be related to biological factors, but because of social and psychological factors within the family environment

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