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Power speed and fictional quality with Apple Iphone xs max

Power speed and fictional quality with Apple Iphone xs max

Power speed and fictional quality with Apple Iphone xs max

*Unusual leaks showing pictures of the new Golden iPhone XS,

which will be announced in two weeks
Apple is working day and night at its headquarters and research labs to launch its new products on September 12. It is logical that the company will not achieve the huge successes it had if Apple CEO Tim Cook and his executive team had not planned for periods of up to 3 and 5 years in the future. Where they ask themselves how computers will look like. According to Business Insider, the company seems to have decided that its next product will be a pair of smart glasses, which can display digital information in the real world through its advanced lenses.

*Evidence that Apple is moving towards the launch of smart glasses!

Apple recently acquired a Colorado-based startup, Akonia Holographics, according to Reuters. The company was not well known before, and although the financial details of the deal were not announced, the purchase was small. However, the deal still reveals that Apple is working on a kind of vision devices that are placed on the head.

Power speed and fictional quality with Apple Iphone xs max

This is not the only position the company has said is focused on enhanced reality glasses. The company is talking about the manufacture of lenses for smart glasses in the section of its products. Apple usually buys other companies to acquire the talent and technology it works on. It seems that this company was focusing on new developments in one of the smart glasses elements that are not found in smartphones: the lenses.

*It was not surprising!

The fact that Apple is working to produce smart glasses should not surprise any investor. Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, has previously outlined the company's list of technology plans in 2016, before the company launches any of the enhanced reality programs. "I think a large part of the population of the developed countries, and eventually all countries, will witness the experiences of enhanced reality every day, just like eating three meals a day," he said in 2016. Bloomberg news agency said on its website about the fact that Apple is working on the production of glasses. The company has a dedicated research and development team consisting of hundreds of creators working on prototypes and techniques that can eventually be used by the glasses. All of these are known, and it is also announced that competitors such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are working on their own enhanced reality technologies. The $ 1 billion Magic Leap has just started shipping its own glasses, but things still unknown about Apple's enhanced reality glasses are far more interesting.

*Will the enhanced reality glasses replace the iPhone?

The shape of the glasses is not yet known, but Bloomberg has previously said it will be an accessory for the iPhone, just as Apple's clock needs an iPhone now. But what are the key features that Apple will put in those glasses? Will the lightweight device be designed to receive notifications? Or will it have more features focused on games and graphics, such as the recently released Magic Leap One?

*Will Apple focus on weight, energy, or uses?

One analyst believes that Apple sees the enhanced reality as its next large user interface, just as the iPhone has introduced advanced touch screens before. Therefore, Apple may not need to issue the so-called "killer application" which is essential to buy the device. It will be the whole experience that will make the difference. "We expect the enhanced reality to be the next generation of user interfaces, so we think the enhanced reality will not require any killer applications, because it is a truly lethal application," said analyst Ming Shi-ku. While many companies can search for new technologies and put their products on the market. Apple is known for its special design features, so it is unlikely that other companies will focus on designing interfaces that could make significant progress. For example, the founder of Oculus, Palmer Loki, expressed disappointment at the user interface of the virtual reality scanner Magic Leap One. "I hope Magic Leap will do great things in the future, but the current user interface is just a list that works primarily on the Android Wear system, which is designed to run smart clocks," Loki wrote. "It's one of the worst parts of user interfaces for phones in some of the most modern and innovative parts of virtual reality user interfaces." Apple is likely to avoid these problems. It has employed specialized designers in user interfaces. The list of jobs required strongly suggests that some talented people within Apple are trying to figure out how to interact with the world through glasses or phones. It already has a library of more than 3,000 applications with enhanced functionality on its iPhone. As with iPhones and other Apple products, if the Cupertino-based company is able to devise a better way to do something in enhanced reality technologies. You can expect other companies in the industry to do the same and create their own versions. Apple is the first US company to bid for a $ 1 trillion public offering. After it was on the brink of bankruptcy in the 1990s.

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